A01. Raw Gulf Oysters  (6) $7.99                     
A02.  (HH $9) (12) $13.99

***There is a risk associated with consuming RAW  oysters or
    any RAW animal protein. If unsure of your risk, consult your physician.

A03.  Edamame (Cajun OR Salt)  $3.99
          Boiled Japanese soy beans lightly Cajun
OR Salt

A04.  Vietnamese Egg Rolls  (2) $2.50
          Pork, clear noodles, carrots, taro, mushrooms,
onion,served w sweet & sour sauce or
fish sauce
A05.  Vietnamese Spring Rolls (2) $3.99
          Shrimp, rice vermicelli, bean sprout, basil,
cucumber, lettuce, served with peanut sauce.
A06.  Fire Shrimp Blanket (Tôm Cuốn)  (5) $6.25
          Shrimp wrapped and served w/ sweet &
sour sauce
A07.  Fried Calamari   $9.99
         Served with dipping sauce
A08. Shrimp Cocktail   $8.99
         Shrimp, avocado, jalapeno, cilantro,
onion & tomatoes
A09.  Crab Rangoon (6) $6.25
         Blended crab, cream cheese, celery wrapped
         served  w/ sweet  & sour sauce
A10.  Crab Cake  (2) $11.99
         Crab meat, egg, celery, parley served
w/ remoulade sauce
 A11. Shrimp  Cake (Cha Tôm)    (2) $3.99
         Shrimp paste served w/ fish sauce
A12.  Deep Fried Dumpling     (8) $6.99
         Dumpling wrapped with chicken & cabbage
A13.  Steam Dumpling  (8) $6.99
         Dumpling wrapped with chicken  & cabbage
A14.  Grilled Chicken Spring Rolls  (2) $3.99
        Grilled chicken, rice vermicelli, bean sprout,
        lettuce, served with peanut or fish sauce.
A15.  Grilled Pork Spring Rolls  (2) $3.99
         Grilled pork, rice vermicelli, bean sprout, basil,
lettuce served with peanut or fish sauce